About us

Interested to know about me and my 10 minute blogg ?

Hi Friends,

My name is Mariful Hasan and the founder of 10 Minute Blogg from Bangladesh. I am an Engineer. I am working professionally Web Programming, Development etc. Blogging is my passion and I work here with great pleasure. Also work on Android app development, SEO factors and other Programing languages.

  • Let’s first talk about For those "10 Minute Blogg" will be helpful :
  • Tips and tricks for living a healthy life
  • Those who want to get daily job news.
  • Those who want to know about all the new technologies.
  • Those who want to know about upcoming mobiles and gadgets.
  • Those who want to do freelancing.
  • Those who want to build a IT career online.
  • Those who want to Job in IT companies.
  • Those who want to start their own business.
  • What you will learn in "10 Minute Blogg" ?
  • Advance level Professional course totally free learning only for 1-2 days for free enrollment.
  • How to Design and Develop a Software using many types of programing language, like as HTML, CSS, Bootsrap, PHP, Javascript, Java, Python etc.
  • How to Design Photoshop, Logo, Banner etc.
  • How to learn Photography tips and trics.
  • How to learn Marketing, Business etc.
  • Finance and Accounting tips and trics.
  • Health and Fitness tips and trics.

If you agree with my words,experience and commitment.

Then, I Mariful Hasan the founder of 10 Minute Blogg welcome you to my blogging Family.

Your New Friend,

Mariful Hasan.